Insurance and Travel Tips
Insurance and Travel Tips

Travel insurance

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully and adequately insured for the duration of your holiday. Please take the time to confirm that all activities, excursions and destinations in your itinerary are included in your travel insurance policy.


Look into your personal property insurance as well to have knowledge if it covers for loss or theft abroad.  Also, check on whether your health insurance covers you abroad. 


Medicare and Medicaid do not provide payment for medical care outside your home country. Even if your health insurance will reimburse you for medical care that you pay for abroad, health insurance usually does not pay for medical evacuation from a remote area or from a country where medical facilities are inadequate.


Consider purchasing a policy designed for travelers, and covering short-term health and emergency assistance, as well as medical evacuation in the event of an accident or serious illness.


Hotel vouchers for your trip

We do not issue individual hotel vouchers here in the Holy Land. Full day by day itinerary represents exactly what is included in terms of hotel accommodation and meal basis.

*Where individual hotel vouchers are necessary, we’ll give them to you on arrival in each hotel.



Please double check your passport is valid for six months beyond the date of return from your trip.

We recommend that you take photocopies of your passports, driving licenses, insurance and other important documents and keep them separately from the originals. This can be helpful if the originals are lost.