Safety & Travel
Safety & Travel

Fire safety

When you arrive in a hotel take a moment to familiarize yourself with the procedures in case of a fire, your escape routes and the nearest fire exits.



Balcony heights and the distance between balcony uprights can vary considerably from country to country. Do take care around balconies, particularly if you are travelling with children. If you are unhappy with the balcony, then you should request an alternative room.


Swimming pools

Hotel pools may not have lifeguards, depth markings or non-slip surfaces around them. Take a moment when you first use the pool to familiarize yourself, and any children with you, with the layout and depth of the pool, making special note of any submerged objects. In the event of an emergency know how to get help or reach any lifesaving equipment provided.


Activities and excursions

The local safety standards that apply to activities you undertake whilst away will not always be the same as they would be in your country and may be significantly lower. You should always follow the instructions of your guide.

*If you ever feel nervous about the safety of an activity or excursion and then report your concerns to the guide at the earliest opportunity.


Vehicles and driving standards

We insist on our suppliers using high standards of vehicles and drivers. If you are unhappy about any aspect of the vehicle or the standard of driving, please advise the driver and our tour guide.

Please be aware that it might not be a legal requirement to have seatbelts fitted in the back of vehicles. We ask our suppliers to use vehicles that do have rear seatbelts whenever possible.


General safety

Always seek local advice from your guide or staff at your accommodation if heading out without a guide. Respect local customs particularly when visiting religious sites, markets and rural communities.


Let us know

If you ever feel nervous about the safety of an activity, excursions, mode of transport or hotel then please report it immediately. Report your concerns to Laila Tours and Travel at the earliest opportunity. You have the contact details above.